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Hammer Aquatics is the only aquarium store you'll ever need. Because we're centrally located in Menifee, CA, customers come from all over SoCal to browse our selection of freshwater and saltwater fish, live corals, tanks, aquarium decor, filtration systems and other aquarium supplies. You can build your aquarium from the ground up without leaving our store.

You can also count on us for installation and maintenance services once you've picked out your new aquarium setup. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help if you have any questions.

Detailed services by aquarium experts

When you need aquarium maintenance, who do you turn to? Our aquarium company is trusted by Perris, CA locals because of our knowledge, experience and passion for what we do. Our owner has always had a love for aquariums and now uses his experience to help others enjoy the beauty of both salt and fresh water life.

Not sure what to add to your new aquarium? Consult our owner today. You'll get recommendations, information and great service.

See What's Under the Sea

An aquarium company in Perris, Riverside, Colton, Eastvale, Moreno Valley & Murrieta, CA can help you by building your tank

The ocean is full of fascinating creatures. What if you could enjoy the beauty and wonder of underwater ecosystems from your own home? You can when you work with Hammer Aquatics. Our aquarium company installs and maintains tanks in Perris, Riverside, Colton, Eastvale, Moreno Valley & Murrieta, CA.

While we install and maintain freshwater aquariums as well, salt water aquariums are our specialty. These tanks mimic diverse ocean ecosystems, making for an exciting addition to any home or commercial space. When you build a salt water tank with our aquarium installer, you can add features like colorful coral, decorative rocks and interesting fish. The options are nearly limitless.

Don't skip tank maintenance

Once your tank is installed, you'll need to take care of it. Salt water aquarium maintenance is essential because it:

Extends the life span of your fish and other creatures
Makes your tank a healthier environment for fish
Improves the appearance of your aquarium

Ask us for a free estimate on aquarium maintenance now. You can speak with our owner by calling 951-420-4868.