How long is going to install my aquarium?

Answer- a typical install takes around 4 - 6 hours to complete.

What are the cost ranges for aquariums?

Answer - typically for a fresh water or a saltwater tank it cost between $15 - $25 a gallon. Example 150 gallon freshwater tank average cost is $2300 and for saltwater $4000

What types of fish do you recommend for an aquarium?

Answer - it depends on if you want a saltwater or freshwater aquarium

What are the benefits and cons for a fresh water tank and salt water tank?

Answer - freshwater tanks give a customer of instant gratification in a way. Where you put in some colorful plastic decorations and decorate the tank to the way you like it, that is it. Saltwater on the other hand is not instant gratification, it takes time for a saltwater reef tank to look good. With a reef tank you get a different image of the tank every day because your colorful corals will look different and grow before your very eyes.

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